Forschungsgebiete Research Topics The Institute for medical engineering focuses on imaging as well as signal and image processing in medical diagnostics. Special emphasis is placed upon imaging and therapy using ultrasound. Example areas of research include super-resolution vascular imaging by utilizing contrast agents, photoacoustic imaging, ultrasound tomography and magnetomotive ultrasound imaging.Projekte Projects The Chair of Medical Engineering is a partner in several cooperative research projects. In the EU-funded project FULLPHASE, for example, a clinical ultrasound system was extended by a photoacoustic imaging mode based on powerful diode lasers. This system is used in the current EU-funded CVENT project to improve the diagnosis of arteriosclerosis of the carotid artery using photoacoustic methods. DFG-funded projects are investigating the high-resolution imaging of the microvasculature of tumours by the tracking of individual contrast agent particles (microbubbles). The SAMBA-PATI project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is investigating the combination of ultrasound-based diagnostic and therapeutic methods with the innovative imaging modality of magnetic particle imaging. Another important field of research is the further development of linear and nonlinear tomographic reconstruction methods for quantitative imaging of elastic material parameters.Prueflabor Ultrasonic test lab Research of the chair is supported by technological ultrasound developments. Acoustic simulations using finite element programs as well as an ultrasonic test lab are used for this purpose.Publikationen Publications A list of publications authored by the staff of the chair can be found here.