Magnetomotive Ultrasound Imaging

Magnetomotive ultrasound imaging is a tracer-based technique that enables the imaging of iron oxide nanoparticles in tissue. A local sinusoidal oscillating magnetic field is used to stimulate nanoparticles distributed in biological tissues and ultrasound methods are used to detect the resulting motion of the surrounding tissue.

The imaging of nanoparticles represents a step towards functional ultrasound imaging. Through a coupling of these nanoparticles and biological markers, a multitude of clinical applications is possible.


The focus of our research in the field of magnetomotive imaging is on the development of novel signal processing algorithms for the detection of nanoparticles. Since the magnetic forces acting on the nanoparticles are very low, the particles are only moved a few micrometers. The challenge in signal processing is to detect such small movements with sufficient contrast-to-noise ratio.