Photoacoustics is a new imaging modality that combines the advantages of optical imaging with the advantages of established ultrasonic imaging techniques. Photoacoustics links the high optical contrast with the good ultrasonic resolution in scattering media. By using tumourspecific contrast agents photoacoustics might enable the differentiation between tumours and healthy tissue.

PA1 The combination of light and sound is rendered possible by using the photoacoustic effect: If a medium is irradiated by light, ultrasound is generated by virtue of thermo-elastic expansion and can be detected by an ultrasonic transducer. The detected pressure amplitude is proportional to the optical absorption of the medium.

The focus of our research in the field of photoacoustics is on the development of innovative reconstruction algorithms that consider acoustic scattering during image formation. Therefore, we develop precise physical models and find inversion approaches to account for scattering that are both accurate and computationally efficient.