Simulation, ultrasonic test lab, and ultrasound technology

The research projects are supported by facilities for finite element simulation of acoustical, thermal and piezoelectric phenomena (a) and an ultrasound test lab carrying out measurements according to the relevant standards.

We also investigate new transducer types, like e.g. micromachined capacitive ultrasound transducers (CMUTs) (b) and micromachined piezoelectric ultrasound transducers (PMUTs), which offer larger flexibility in transducer design because they are structured by semiconductor manufacturing techniques. In e.g. CMUTs a membrane of several micrometers is deflected by electrostatic forces and can be used to transmit and receive ultrasound. We do not produce these transducers, but are interested in their characterization and the development of driving circuits.

Prototypes are courtesy of Philips Research Labs Eindhoven.


Simulation of micromachined transducers