Multispectral Photoacoustic Coded Excitation with Low PRF High Power Laser Diodes

2014 - Martin F. Beckmann, Hans-Martin Schwab, Georg Schmitz

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Nonlinear reconstruction of the speed of sound in soft tissues: A comparison between the simulation results applying Kaczmarz and Contrast Source Inversion methods

2014 - Leili Salehi, Georg Schmitz

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Nonlinear compressibility and mass density reconstruction under plane wave excitation using raw data with noise

2014 - Markus Hesse, Georg Schmitz

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On the Separate Recovery of Spatial Fluctuations in Compressibility and Mass Density in Pulse-Echo Ultrasound Imaging Using Linear Inverse Scattering

2014 - Martin Schiffner, Georg Schmitz

167th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), Providence, RI, May 2014, invited talk

Effect of noise on a nonlinear compressibility reconstruction approach under various excitation modi

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Estimation of Multipath Transmission Parameters for Quantitative Ultrasound Measurements of Bone

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Photoacoustic Coded Excitation using Pulse Position Modulation

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Reconstruction of Flow Velocity inside Vessels by Tracking Single Microbubbles with an MCMC Data Association Algorithm

2013 - Dimitri Ackermann, Georg Schmitz

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Phase shift variance imaging - a new technique for destructive microbubble imaging

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