Grey-Box Modeling of Ex-Vivo Isolated Perfused Kidney

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A new approach to generate arbitrary pulsatile pressure wave forms in mechanical circulatory support systems

2015 - Amin Aghababaei, Martin Hexamer

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2015 - Thomas Ersepke, Florian Büther, Mirco Heß, Klaus P. Schäfers

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Low-Energy Ultrasound Treatment Improves Regional Tumor Vessel Infarction by Retargeted Tissue Factor

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Eine kontaktlose Alternative für das respiratorische Gating in der PET

2015 - Thomas Ersepke

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Optimized SNR simultaneous multispectral photoacoustic imaging with laser diodes

2015 - Martin F. Beckmann, Hans-Martin Schwab, Georg Schmitz

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Needle Visibility for Deep Punctures with Curved Arrays

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