Fast Image Acquisition in Pulse-Echo Ultrasound Imaging Using Compressed Sensing

2012 - Martin Schiffner, Georg Schmitz

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2012 - Martin Schiffner, Timo Jansen, Georg Schmitz

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Size-dependent multispectral photoacoustic response of solid and hollow gold nanoparticles

2012 - Benjamin S. Gutrath, Martin F. Beckmann, Anne Buchkremer, Thomas Eckert, Jan Timper, Annika Leifert, Walter Richtering, Georg Schmitz, Ulrich Simon

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Size dependent, multispectral photoacoustic response of gold nanoparticles

2012 - B. Gutrath, Martin F. Beckmann, A. Buchkremer, T. Eckert, J. Timper, A. Leifert, W. Richtering, Georg Schmitz, U. Simon

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Plane Wave Pulse-Echo Ultrasound Diffraction Tomography With A Fixed Linear Transducer Array

2012 - Martin Schiffner, Georg Schmitz

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Evaluation of high frequency ultrasound methods and contrast agents for characterising tumor response to anti-angiogenic treatment

2012 - Anne Rix, Wiltrud Lederle, Monica Siepmann, Stanley Fokong, F. Behrendt, Jessica Bzyl, Christoph Grouls, Fabian Kiessling, Moritz Palmowski

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Targeted Ultrasound Imaging of Cancer: An Emerging Technology on its Way to Clinics

2012 - Fabian Kiessling, Jessica Bzyl, Stanley Fokong, Monica Siepmann, Georg Schmitz, Moritz Palmowski

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Multispectral photoacoustic coded excitation using pseudorandom codes

2012 - Martin F. Beckmann, Claus-Stefan Friedrich, Martin P. Mienkina, Nils C. Gerhardt, Martin R. Hofmann , Georg Schmitz

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Imaging Tumor Vascularity by Tracing Single Microbubbles

2011 - Monica Siepmann, Jessica Bzyl, Moritz Palmowski, Fabian Kiessling, Georg Schmitz

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