Optimized SNR simultaneous multispectral photoacoustic imaging with laser diodes

Martin F. Beckmann, Hans-Martin Schwab, Georg Schmitz

Opt. Express 23, 1816-1828 (2015), DOI:10.1364/OE.23.001816


Multispectral photoacoustic laser diode systems have multiple wavelengths available simultaneously. In addition to multispectral imaging, this can be exploited to increase the signal to noise ratio (SNR) by combining these wavelengths to form a combined image, but at the loss of spectral information. Here, a novel signal processing concept is introduced, which optimizes the SNR in the reconstructions of single wavelength data from combined acquisitions while simultaneously permitting to obtain a higher SNR fused image from the same data. The concept is derived for an arbitrary number of wavelengths; it is also applicable at low pulse repetition frequencies. The concept is applied in an experiment using two wavelengths, verifying the theoretical results.

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tags: laser diodes, multispectral, photoacoustic coded excitation, photoacoustics